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On-page SEO: Optimized Core Web Pages

Your core web pages are your first impression. Have you given them the on-page SEO treatment they deserve? If not, you could be missing out on free, organic traffic every day. SEO optimized core web pages are critical to attracting your audience to your site.

Whatever your product, service, or message, it’s moot if your audience can’t find you.

Of course, you can buy ads from Google, and target traffic to any page you like. And I recommend you do that if you have an advertising budget. 

SEO vs Paid Ads

But your best strategy is a combination of paid advertising and attracting free, organic traffic through search engine optimization. Ads are powerful, but they’re short term. They’ll help you promote whatever you’re targetting “at that moment,” but when you stop the ads, you’re right back to square one. 

By contrast, SEO is a long-term investment that keeps on giving. Over time, it draws free, organic traffic that continues to raise awareness for your brand. At first, it might be just a narrow rivulet of visitors. But in time, that rivulet will turn into a brook, and then into a steady stream. 

11 Core Web Pages

  • Home Page — Raising awareness
  • About Page — Establishing trust & authority, getting more sales
  • Lead Generation Page — Generating leads
  • Article Page — Raising awareness, establishing trust & authority, increasing retention
  • Video/Podcast Page — Raising awareness, establishing trust & authority, increasing retention
  • Comparison Page — Getting more sales
  • Sales Page — Getting more sales
  • Product Page — Getting more sales
  • Pricing Page — Getting more sales
  • Support Page — Increasing retention
  • FAQ Page — Increasing retention

Whether you want to raise awareness, generate leads, establish trust and authority, get more sales, or increase retention, your core web pages need to be search engine optimized.

I’m a trained, certified SEO copywriter who can optimize your current core web pages. I can also write pages from scratch if you’re revamping your site or creating a new website. 


On-page SEO is a strategic investment for generating free, organic traffic to every page on your website. Are you wishing more of your audience could find your site? We can help them on their journey with effective on-page SEO.

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