Direct Response Marketing

From long-form sales letters and magalogs to landing pages and video sales letters. . .direct response marketing requires special handling.

Whether you’re reaching out to your audience for volunteers, rolling out a new product, or fund-raising, the stakes are equally high.

You need a well-trained direct response copywriter—a team player with excellent language and communication skills!

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Core Skills of the Results-Driven Direct Response Copywriter

  • Possesses a clear understanding of the target audience
  • Understands different points of view
  • Understands the difference between needs & desires
  • Draws connections between problems & solutions
  • Writes in a conversational style
  • Possesses the heart of a story-teller
  • Captures attention and keeps it
    • Delivers strong headlines
    • Uses smooth transitions
    • Creates powerful imagery
  • Possesses curiosity
  • Pursues in-depth research (digs deep)
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Possesses excellent command of language skills, including
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
    • Spelling
    • Vocabulary
  • Possesses exceptional listening skills
  • Writes with clarity
  • Possesses marketing awareness
  • Understands and follows the brief
  • Delivers clear, compelling calls to action

Review Comments on my Writing

Conversational Writing Style/In-depth Research

Great job here with all your copy, Heather. You have a conversational writing style that helps the copy flow. You’re also enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product – that counts for a lot in copy.

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

Strong Headlines/Draws Connections Between Problems & Solutions

Newspaper Graphic to Illustrate Headlines

A great start with your headline. Good solution-oriented headline.

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

Curiosity/In-depth Research

Great proof here backing up your claims…

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

Clear Understanding of Audience/Needs vs. Desires

A strong promise here that showcases…the product. Good! This keeps the prospect reading to get more details.

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

You’ve included many detailed benefits. You’ve helped the prospect see a bright future for their kids. They’re getting excited. You’re creating desire to buy. 

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

More strong promise. You’ve done a great job of weaving your promise throughout your copy. That’s not always an easy thing, and you’ve done it very well.

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

Heart of a Story-teller/Powerful Imagery/Writing with Clarity

You paint a powerful picture here with details on the features and benefits of the product. The prospect can clearly see how the program works.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

Really an excellent job here. One of the best pictures I’ve seen in a final assignment in a long time.

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

Marketing Awareness/Clear, Compelling Calls to Action/Writing with Clarity

You have a compelling offer, a valuable bonus, a guarantee, and several clear calls to action. This should help boost response. 

AWAI Submissions Reviewer

You’ve made buying the program a no-brainer for the prospect. Great job really showing the details on the bonuses and other elements of the program. 

AWAI Submissions Reviewer


A well-trained direct response copywriter possesses a valuable set of specialized writing and marketing skills.

And I’ve proven to experts that I have those skills. I’d love to use them to help you promote your product, service, or message.

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