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Certified Conversational Design Copywriter — Rules-Based Chatbot Prototypes

Are you looking for a way to cut down on expenses, increase return on investment, and improve customer satisfaction and retention? I’m an AWAI-verified, certified chatbot copywriter with a major in conversational design and a minor in bot-building. I specialize in rules-based chatbot prototypes.

Winning Chatbot Prototype

And I’m proud to report that I won the AWAI Chatbot Spec Challenge! Over 100 copywriters took the chatbot certification course, and the final project involved designing a prototype chatbot based on an AWAI creative brief.

Combined with my many versatile copywriting skills, I’m strategically poised to write conversational chatbot prototype flows for agencies, businesses, and organizations.

Marketing Agency

Do you have plenty of chatbot builders but not enough conversational design copywriters? My minor in bot-building ensures that I know the ins and outs of chatbot building from prototype to finished bot. I’m well-versed in bot culture, so I’m comfortable working with the entire chatbot team on any project.

Businesses & Organizations

Perhaps you’re a business or organization looking to improve return on investment (ROI), customer service, lead generation, or sales. Chatbots can do all of this and more! A well-written chatbot flow engages your website visitors, improving conversions. 

Another benefit? A chatbot can talk with thousands of visitors simultaneously. He’s consistently pleasant, courteous, and respectful. (And you don’t even have to pay him.)

No matter where you fall on the chatbot continuum, I’ll create a bot with a persona that matches your brand. A chatbot that represents you and your organization and satisfies the goals you’ve set.

This is a great bot with a lot of character. It’s likable and trustworthy.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

Rules-Based vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

You might be wondering about the difference between rules-based chatbots vs. AI chatbots. They each have their place, but which is more reliable?

Well, AI chatbots are still…evolving…and I say that respectfully. Although there may be some situations where they shine, they’re not always reliable. When put to the test, they can falter, bailing on the conversation. The last thing you need is a chatbot that frequently “breaks” or gives up on your clients, flagging you to attend to your customer’s request.

Conversely, rules-based chatbots follow if/then conversational pathways (flows), designed to deal appropriately with any contingencies the copywriter determines ahead of time.

Graphic of a bot representing chatbots

The bot is solid. Used my name appropriately, took plenty of turns, had great responses to my inputs, lots of pathways to choose from, and get my info. The thank-you worked well.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

This was a more complex bot with lots of paths, and everything worked really well together.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

The Importance of Conversational Design in Rules-Based Chatbot Prototypes

A well-written chatbot has a single purpose—satisfy the end goal of your project.

From generating or qualifying leads to enlisting volunteers, chatbots engage the user, improving conversion rates. 

Bot did a great job of setting up asking permission for my email. I definitely trust the bot and welcome more communications.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

What about customer service calls? Users never hear, “Transferring you to customer service. All representatives are busy. Your wait time is approximately 10 minutes.” Chatbots automate these inquiries, talking with thousands of customers simultaneously, speeding up response time for today’s “immediate results-oriented” users. 

Are you looking for a more automated sales process? A chatbot can improve the buying experience for those busy consumers who want to purchase what they need as soon as possible. They can also remind customers to finish their transactions when they leave a cart full of items sitting in the checkout, decreasing cart abandonment.

And chatbots are engaging surveyors! A well-written chatbot builds trust and conducts survey experiences that feel less like a survey and more like a personalized journey. Gathering information about your visitors and segmenting them into specific categories is a seamless process, facilitating your ability to generate more customized ad and email campaigns.

Feedback on my Spec Challenge-Winning Survey-Specific Chatbot

Definitely lots of questions without feeling invasive. Gave plenty of ways out if they wanted to stop with a great path back in if they wanted to continue. Definitely felt heard and that [the organization] cares.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

Conversational Design — The Key to Chatbot Prototype UX (User Experience)

I’m sure you’ve heard that user experience (UX) is crucial for engaging visitors on websites. Well, it’s just as essential in chatbot prototypes, and I accomplish this through conversational design. Formatting, conversational cues, closure, and more create an inviting experience for your visitors. 

Very user-centric… Was very conversational and ended the convo paths really well.

AWAI Submission Reviewer

Today’s users often prefer chatbots. They’re productive, convenient, and, if well-written, offer an entertaining experience for a few minutes while standing in line at the coffee shop!

Your chatbot represents your brand, your mission, and your message. If you do everything possible to create the right prototype, it becomes a valuable addition to your team. Analysis of your goals and strong copywriting skills are the keys to developing a user-centric, goal-oriented chatbot. Conversational design copywriting produces chatbot prototypes that deliver!

Chatbot Benefits — Convenience & Speed

Our world can be noisy and distracting. Consumers demand faster responses to inquiries, more convenient ways to research products and services, and quicker ways to sign up, purchase, or make appointments. Audiences love little chatbot helpers, especially if they’re engaging with well-rounded personalities!

The ultimate assistants, chatbots speed up delivery for:

  • Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Segmentation
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • And More!
Interesting Chatbot Statistics

Leeds Beckett University

  • $3.1 million new enrollment tuitions generated in a one-day organic chatbot campaign
  • Twice the performance of traditional call centers

Hello Fresh

  • 64% conversion rate for a single campaign
  • 76% decrease in response time to customer inquiries (the normally 5-hour wait decreased to approximately 1.25 hours)
  • 47% increase in customer inquiries and messages


  • 3.4X higher ROI on click-to-Facebook Messenger (chatbot) ads than on click-to-website ads
  • 71% reduction in costs per conversion
  • 1.9X higher value on purchases from click-to-Facebook Messenger (chatbot) ads


Experience has shown that website developers and designers are more suited to the technical side of the internet. They are not necessarily the best candidates for writing the content that goes on the sites they create. In the same vein, chatbot builders are much better at the technical building end of chatbot design.

Your chatbot needs a persona with a well-rounded, engaging personality. If it can build trust and credibility for your brand, it will successfully fulfill its mission (the end-goal or call to action).

The best person to ensure that your bot meets those goals? A copywriter — but not just any copywriter — a copywriter certified in chatbot prototype conversational design copywriting. 

Book a free online consultation today to explore the possibility of a chatbot assistant to help you with your mission!

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Every Successful Copywriting Project Begins with a Conversation

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