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    New Product Launch ~ Re-Marketing Initiative ~ Email Marketing ~ SEO Optimization ~ SEO-Optimized Content Marketing ~ Cause Marketing ~ Lead Generation

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    Lead Generation ~ Email Campaigns ~ eNewsletters ~ Social Media & Blog Posts ~ Cause Marketing ~ White Papers ~ Case Studies ~ Customer Surveys ~ Testimonials ~ Customer Reward Programs ~ Customer Referral Programs


    SEO Optimization / Free Web Traffic ~ Social Media Posts / Management ~ Blog Posts ~ Testimonials ~ Case Studies ~ Press Releases ~ Customer Reward Programs ~ Customer Referral Programs ~ Cause Marketing

Increase Exposure/Business

Website Audit ~ SEO Optimization ~ Website Content ~ eNewsletter ~ Social Media & Blog Posts ~ Cause Marketing ~ Direct Response Marketing ~ Email Marketing ~ Content Marketing ~ Business to Consumer ~ Business to Business ~ And More

Grow & Nurture Your Audience

Lead Generation ~ Blog & Social Media Posts ~ SEO Optimization ~ Content Marketing ~ eNewsletters ~ White Papers/Special Reports ~ Testimonials ~ Case Studies ~ Cause Marketing ~ Website Content ~ Email Responders ~ And More

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Turbulent Times Call for Creative Marketing Strategies & Partnerships

You have a mission — I have a mission. Together we can:

Bring clarity to complex ideas

Shape attitudes

Influence hearts and minds

Promote Worthy Causes

Offer Solutions

Hi! I'm glad you stopped by!

My name is Heather Murata. I'm a marketing consultant, copywriter, and author.

Creative Clarity Copywriting LLC offers various business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C)
copywriting solutions. Tapping into my diverse background, knowledge, and love of learning, I focus my efforts
on the best ways to reach your target audience.

We can all agree that our world is noisy and distracting. But 2020 has exponentially increased the noise and
distractions. The COVID-19 global pandemic, coupled with financial uncertainty, breeds fear and panic.

Resiliency is vital for companies as well as for their audience. Organizations that stay top of mind with their
audience during an economic downturn are more likely to bounce back after the crisis.

Conventional networking and marketing venues may not be possible in much of the world. Trade shows,
association events, conferences, and other in-person strategies and platforms are mainly out of the picture.

Still, you know your organization can't afford to allow marketing efforts to atrophy. Analyzing just one aspect
of our changing marketing landscape, we can see that travel and event costs have decreased. That decrease
frees up marketing dollars for other uses, like funding alternative marketing strategies to boost your
organization's resiliency.

Alternative Marketing Strategies:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Across all Pages on the Website
New SEO Articles & Blog Posts
Email Campaigns
White Papers
Cause Marketing
Direct Response Marketing
Case Studies

Goals could involve increasing brand awareness, improving ROI, decreasing costs, lead generation,
nurturing your audience, improving customer service, and more.

Whatever your end goal, you can only attain it if your audience hears you and understands your message.

And that's where I come in. I have a knack for clarity. It's been one of the hallmarks of my life ever since childhood.

I remember translating questions from students to teachers who didn't understand. I also explained the answers
at times! I innately understand how to communicate effectively across barriers.

I hold a BA in psychology, concentrating on communication skills, human development, and behavior.
The effect of positive psychology on human behavior is one of my passions. Combine that with my knack for
bringing clarity to communication situations, and what do you get? You have a writer who can, in a conversational tone,
convey your message to your chosen target market.

But conveying the message isn't enough. I write compelling, persuasive content and marketing copy, focusing on moving
your audience to the desired action.

You're using your talents to run your organization in the way that only you can do.

As a team, we can achieve your goals and increase your organization's resiliency. I do what I do best, so you can do what you do best.

If you think I'm the writer you're looking for, I'd love to connect with you. Let's get together over the phone, Zoom, or Skype, and chat about
how I could help you meet your goals.

Still wondering if we're a good fit? Find out by following this link:

Bringing Your Voice to Life!


You need to get your message out to your audience. But how can you connect with them through the noise and chaos of our increasingly distracting world?

First, you need to be seen! Through site audits, SEO optimization, content-writing, white papers, and more, I will help you increase your brand's exposure.

Then, when you're ready to partner with me for your next marketing campaign, I'll tap into your unique voice, and write creative, compelling copy with clear calls to action that convert.

Build & Maintain Relationships


Your audience is your greatest treasure. Even more so during these turbulent times. Treat them well, and they will stay with you now and into the future!

Using proven lead generation strategies, blog & social media posts, eNewsletters, email responders, white papers, and more, together we can position your organization at the forefront of your audience's mind.

I can help you build your customer base and nurture your audience to encourage loyalty and repeat purchases.

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Blue pen, Google Analytics graphs, computer, Cost-effective Long-term Marketing Strategies during an economic downturn and global pandemic

Cost-effective Long-term Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is one of the wisest cost-effective, long-term marketing strategies, bar none. For every $1.00 spent, a marketer makes $38.00. That’s a whopping 3800% return on your investment. In an economic downturn, you need to squeeze every ounce of leverage from your marketing budget. No other investment comes close to the value you get from this versatile marketing strategy.

Shortlist of Services

Digital Marketing

for all your internet marketing needs

This is a digital world. But digital marketing takes time and skill. You may have the skill, but only you can run your organization, and that takes up all of your time. From lead generation to social media copywriting, email marketing to SEO content writing…CCC has you covered.

Website Audits

Diagnostic Check-up for Site Content

Every website needs certain key content. I’ll analyze your site for strengths & weaknesses and provide a report with recommendations for improvement.

SEO-Optimized Website Content

Turbocharge Your Website

Your audience can only hear you if they know where to find you. Brand awareness begins with your content and, in this digital world, the web is the place your audience goes for information. Employing proven SEO content-writing and copywriting strategies will facilitate free, organic (and well-qualified) traffic to your site.

Case Studies

Leverage the power of social proof

Think testimonials are good for business? Imagine what case studies can do! Problem-solution story-telling highlights key areas where your organization shines, facilitating credibility and trust.

Chatbot Prototype

Conversational Design Copywriter

Well-written and designed chatbots save time for your audience and money for you!

Up to 600% increase in ROI. Up to 9x reduction in customer acquisition costs. Customer service, lead generation, segmentation, direct sales, omnichannel marketing, appointment-setting, and more! Chatbots are the newest superstars performing a variety of functions on the web.

About Heather Murata

Heather Murata, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter

Heather Murata is a professional marketing consultant, copywriter, and eco-fiction author. She holds a BA in psychology and has completed a variety of marketing/copywriting training and certification programs through the prestigious American Writers & Artists Institute.

Shortlist of Services

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns & Autoresponders

Businesses generate $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing…a staggering 3800% ROI. Welcome email series start the relationship-building process with new customers, clients, and members. Email newsletters nurture that relationship. And email campaigns help you promote products, projects, and other time-sensitive undertakings.

Direct Response Marketing

Clear, Creative, Compelling Calls to Action that Convert

CCC specializes in long-form or short-form sales and fundraising letters, landing pages, video sales letters, magalogs, and collateral pieces. As a trained and certified direct response copywriter, I wield a pen with precision, draw readers in, and hold their attention.

And I wrap it all up with creative, clear, compelling calls to action.

Blog & Social Media Posts

Nurture Your Audience

Nurturing your audience is crucial to your success. They’re hungry for information, and you’re in a prime position to provide it…except for the time it takes.

That’s where I come in! Give me topics or let me choose — either way, you get quality copywriting content with built-in SEO treatment!

Cause Marketing

The socially-responsible business

Audiences love rallying to a good cause. When you align your organization with a non-profit, everyone wins.

The non-profit gains exposure, members, and donations. Your business gains brand loyalty, and more sales. And you? You enlarge your heart by 150%!

White Papers

The Gold Standard in B2B Marketing Content

I’m trained by Gordon Graham, “That White Paper Guy,” through AWAI’s course, The Ultimate White Paper Mentorship Program.

White papers are gold standard B2B content at its finest!

COVID-19 Charitable Giving
Creative Clarity Copywriting Will Donate a portion of its 2020 Proceeds to the Hawaii Foodbank

Introducing The Wellness Connection Copywriting

Logo The Wellness Connection Copywriting, Child Branch of Creative Clarity Copywriting

Founded by Heather Murata, CCC LLC and TWCC are examples of integrity in marketing.

TWCC is a niche conglomerate that encompasses all things wellness, including human and planet health.

It provides marketing copy and SEO-optimized web content for Health & Wellness, Natural Health, Alternative Health, Self-improvement, Education, Leadership & Professional Development, Eco-travel, Green Products, Environmental Organizations and anything related to wellness or environmental topics.

Check it out to see if it's a good fit for your organization!

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